All payments should be made to our company account which will be provided to you once your order is finalized. Payments can be made in US dollars or the equivalent of your local currency.

Shipping fee is charged based on:

· Weight in pounds (1 kg = 2.2lbs)

· Final destination in your country

· Method of shipping

Shipping from US to Lagos / some other African cities by air is: $3.60 per pound.

Weight is determined by either actual weight or volume weight (LxBxH) which ever is greater.

Shipping from Lagos to other states within Nigeria will incur an additional $0.90 per pound.

Shipping from the capital of other African countries to their various states within those countries will also include additional freighting fees.

Shipping Methods:

FedEx Nigeria has partnered with MicoStar Mall to deliver goods to our customers at their door step in Nigeria nationwide.

· Standard shipping by air (10- 14 days)

· Express shipping by air (4- 7 days): incurs additional fee

· By sea (3- 6 weeks): shipped through container will incur additional fee such as clearing/custom fee.